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Some people do not wish to see some images on Wikipedia for various reasons – images may not be suitable for a work environment; they may wish to prevent their children from seeing such images; their religion may forbid it; and so on.

Wikipedia is not censored, and the community will in general not be prepared to remove content on grounds of being objectionable to some people. Wikipedia will also not use specific disclaimers within articles warning readers of such content. All articles fall under the site-wide Content disclaimer. However, readers who do not wish to be exposed to certain content have a number of options to selectively prevent Wikipedia content from being displayed on their screen.

This page is more suitable for you if:

you still want to visit Wikipedia (rather than creating a fork or simply staying away) and,
you find an image offensive but, apart from your perception of its offensiveness, have nothing more to add, within the premises of Wikipedia policies, to the discussions pertaining to replacement or removal of images by building consensus.
Wikipedia readers can influence how Wikipedia content is displayed on their screens in two ways:

By creating an account and reading Wikipedia while logged in. Logged-in users can use personal cascading style sheets to display images selectively (explained below).
By filtering content locally, either by configuring their web browser (including the possibility to display no images at all), or by setting up a proxy (such as Privoxy) (explained below).

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